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UnivLabs is improving healthcare with medical devices which solve 3A's: affordability, accessibility, and availability globally. We believe that cutting-edge medical equipment must be available to all health care providers regardless of their clinic size or geographic disadvantages. Our motivation is care for all.

" Together with our customers, we strive to make healthcare accessible to all "

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Value Proposition

More value for money & up to 50% cost affordable

Market Acceptance

Present in more than 2000 hospitals in India and overseas


Patents applied: 11
Patents Granted: 2

Customer Span

India and 5 more countries in Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia

am-SafeX eliminates urethral injury

The design of a Foley catheter has not changed in the last 80 years. Urethral injury due to inadvertent inflation of the Bulb in the urethra instead of in the bladder is still an issue to be solved, which gives an additional disease to the patient.

As per data, 7-14 male patients out of 1000 catheterizations in the hospitals may suffer this fate. Real-life data may be more alarming.

Every procedure should aim for zero percent of complications.
Am-SafeX is a newly designed Foley Catheter that will provide healthcare professionals with markers for the right time to inflate bulbs, eliminating the risk of urethral injury caused by inadvertent inflation of the bulb in the urethra.

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amSmartX Urowear: Restores Dignity

amSmartX Urowear is a smart broad-based urine collecting device. It does not hang from the body as the currently available pouch world over rather is an ergonomic bag and is worn like an underwear.

Like an underwear it remains invisible in clothing thus brings back the sense of comfort and dignity for the patient, enhances mobility and brings back social acceptance.

Urowear is equipped with sensor technology to detect urine levels and rate of flow which can be accessed using the mobile based App. App provides the analysis of daily and weekly track record of urine flow for better health monitoring as well as communicating the time to empty the pouch. It is also equipped with travel mode which informs users in advance the time to fill so that users can empty the bag proactively for a comfortable journey.

Our Journey

  • 2016

    Two young minds begin R&D on Endoscope LED Light Source

  • 2017

    Launched industry's first touch screen CPC based endoscope light source.

    Made 400 installations in first year.

  • 2018

    Launched industry's first touchscreen surgical Irrigation & Suction Pump.

    Received India Design Mark award for sleekest design.

  • 2019

    Launched cutting edge Hysteroscopy and Arthroscopy pump.

    Received $500K grant from Ministry of Science to develop surgical camera.

    Received invitation from French Healthcare incubator Eurasante to develop 3D Endoscope.

  • 2020

    Launched a CO2 Insufflator with integrated smoke evacuator and temperature control.

    Launched Smoke Evacuator to prevent OT staff from COVID19 infection

  • 2021

    Launched World’s first Cloud Connected 4K Endoscope Tower.

    Light Source Installation: 1500 No's

    Irrigation and Suction Pump Installation: 500 No's

    Insufflator Sold: 50 No's

Leadership Team

We are passionate about healthcare and strongly believe in best quality yet affordable medical devices to alleviate human suffering irrespective of financial or geographic disadvantages.

Sunil Singh

Founder & CEO

Dr.Anil Mandhani


Girish Sharma

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Advisory Board

Dr Rajen Ghadiok

Advisor Business Development

Ajit Manocha (Mentor)

Ex-CEO Global Foundries CEO & President SEMI

Dr (prof) Romma Sinha

Key Opinion Leader - Gynecology

Funded and Supported

  • Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

  • Ministry of Electronics, Government of India


video img

4K EndoVision in action

video img

Lap Ureteropyelostomy for UPJ aversion injury

video img

UL-UHDClearView Endoscope Tower in action

video img

Cholecystectomy on UL-UHDClearView

video img

TNTS-Pituitary Tumor Surgery

video img

Lap Chole performed on UL-UHDClearView

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