Urethra Safe Catheter

Welcome to our Medical Devices Division, where we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for urinary fluid management. Our focus areas include catheterization, urine management, and prostate care, all aimed at enhancing patient outcomes and improving quality of life.Discover how our advanced solutions can improve urinary health and enhance patient care.

Our Products

Choose amongst a range of imaging solutions and subcomponents suitable for your needs.
Our modular concept meets different requirements and ensures adaptability across diverse application fields.


In the realm of catheterization, where the design of Foley catheters has remained largely unchanged for the past 80 years, UnivLabs introduces a revolutionary solution—Am-SafeX…


amSmartX Urowear

Introducing amSmartX Urowear, a revolutionary and dignified solution in the realm of urine collection devices. Unlike conventional pouches that hang from the body, amSmartX Urowear is a smart…