Elevating Safety and Precision in Endoscopy

A New Era of Control and Efficiency with the Insufflator-35

UnivLabs introduces the Insufflator-35, a revolutionary device that enhances safety, performance, and control in endoscopic procedures. With advanced technology, customizable options, and an intuitive capacitive touchscreen, this insufflator sets a new standard for surgical precision and user experience.

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Elevating Safety and Precision in Endoscopy

A new era of control and efficiency in endoscopy with the Insufflator-35.

UnivLabs presents the Insufflator-35, a cutting-edge device designed to redefine safety, performance, and control in endoscopic procedures. This state-of-the-art insufflator boasts industry-leading features, patent-pending technology, and comes in four customizable versions to cater to individual surgical needs. The interactive capacitive touchscreen not only enhances user experience but also revolutionizes the surgeon’s control over the insufflation process.

Key Features
  • Versatile Customization:

The Insufflator-35 is available in four different versions, ensuring versatility to meet the unique requirements of diverse surgical procedures. This adaptability enhances the device’s applicability across various endoscopic interventions.

  • Interactive Capacitive Touchscreen:

The device is equipped with a user-friendly 3.2″ capacitive touchscreen, offering an intuitive interface for seamless control. This not only saves valuable time during procedures but also facilitates easy wipe-down disinfection, meeting the highest hygiene standards.

  • Pressure Reducer for Safety:

Safety is paramount in endoscopy, especially when maintaining a safe pneumoperitoneum. The Uniflator features a UL-DualDome dual-stage pressure reducer, combined with three-stage mechanical and two-stage electronic safety valves. This multi-layered approach ensures the creation and maintenance of the safest pneumoperitoneum even in challenging situations.

  • Optimized Gas Delivery:

To further enhance patient safety and comfort, the Insufflator-35 includes a two-stage gas pre-heater. This innovative feature delivers CO2 at the optimum body temperature, minimizing discomfort and ensuring a smoother insufflation process.

  • Precise Gas Flow Control:

With a gas flow rate ranging from 2 to 35 L/min, the device provides unparalleled precision in gas flow control. This capability is crucial for tailoring insufflation to the specific requirements of different surgical scenarios.

Technical Specifications
  • Weight: 7.5 Kg
  • Dimensions: 350310130 mm
  • Gas Flow Rate: 2 to 35 L/min
  • Pressure Settings
  • Normal Mode: 1-30 mmHg
  • Paediatric Mode: 1-15 mmHg
Safety Measures
  • Multi-stage pressure reducer with precision MEMS flow sensor and MEMS pressure sensors.
  • Pre-set Modes:
    • Veress Needle Mode (VER): Max flow 2 L/min.
    • Normal Mode (NOR): Max flow 35 L/min.
    • Paediatric Mode (PED): Max flow 15 L/min with enhanced algorithm pressure protection.
    • Semicontinuous Mode (SCN): Insufflation along with smoke evacuation.

The Insufflator-35 from UnivLabs is not merely a device; it’s a leap forward in endoscopic technology, ensuring surgeons have the tools they need for precision, safety, and optimal patient outcomes

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