Redefining Surgical Visualization

Introducing the UL-4K ClearView

UnivLabs introduces the UL-4K ClearView, an ultra high-definition camera system for endoscopy. Featuring advanced 4 Chip CMOS technology and customizable ICG settings, it provides unprecedented surgical detail and clarity for enhanced decision-making.

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4K ICG Camera

Surgical Subcomponent

UL-4K ClearView: Redefining Surgical Visualization with Unprecedented Detail with ICG

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, UnivLabs introduces the UL-4K ClearView, a state-of-the-art ultra high-definition camera system for endoscopy. Leveraging advanced 4 Chip CMOS technology and premium optics, this revolutionary system sets a new standard in capturing detailed, sharp, and lifelike images of the surgical field.

Key Features
  • Enhanced Visualization:

The ICG Medical Camera provides enhanced visualization of critical structures, such as blood vessels, nerves, and tumors, enabling surgeons to make informed decisions in real-time.

  • Customizable ICG Settings:

n RGB+IR mode, the standard white light endoscopic view merges seamlessly with real-time ICG/NIR image data at a simple button press. This integration enhances tissue differentiation with exceptional detail and contrast, aiding surgeons in distinguishing anatomy effortlessly during procedures. Surgeons can fine-tune settings like ICG Mode, ICG Gain, and ICG Mix Gain to their preferences, offering customizable control over the visualization.

  • Patient Safety:

Utilizing low doses of the fluorescent dye, the ICG Medical Camera prioritizes patient safety while still delivering exceptional image quality, ensuring minimal risk and maximum benefit.

  • Ultra High Definition Clarity:

The UL-4K ClearView goes beyond conventional imaging, offering an astounding four times higher resolution compared to HD cameras. The result is a level of clarity that brings surgical details to life, providing surgeons with unprecedented visual precision.

  • Advanced CMOS Technology:

Powered by advanced 4 Chip CMOS technology, this camera system ensures superior image quality and color accuracy. Every surgical detail is meticulously captured, allowing for enhanced diagnostics and decision-making during procedures.

  • Nine Preset Surgical Specialty Settings:

Streamlining the configuration process, the UL-4K ClearView comes equipped with Five preset surgical specialty settings. This feature enables quick adaptation to various surgical scenarios, saving valuable time and ensuring optimal image settings.

  • Simplified Application:

The UL-4K ClearView is designed for simplicity, offering a user-friendly interface that rivals the complexity of 3D technology. The ease of use translates to faster operating times, allowing surgical teams to focus on patient care without the constraints of intricate setup procedures.

  • Cost-Effective Alternative to 3D Systems:

Providing comparable benefits to 3D technology, the UL-4K ClearView stands out as a cost-effective alternative. This system offers enhanced color and brightness, along with four times higher resolution, without the added expenses associated with complete 3D systems.

  • Lightweight and Compact Design:

Weighing just 6.2 kg, with a camera head of 190g, the UL-4K ClearView is designed for optimal maneuverability and comfort. The compact dimensions (380125360) make it suitable for various endoscopic procedures, ensuring flexibility in its application.

Technical Specifications
  • Multiple Visualization Modes:

Combine enhanced fluorescence signal information.

  • Unprecedented Visual Precision:

Four times higher resolution for detailed surgical imaging.
Adaptive Configuration:
Nine preset surgical specialty settings for quick and efficient adaptation.

  • Technological Simplicity:

User-friendly interface comparable to 3D technology, ensuring faster operating times.

  • Cost-Efficiency:

Comparable benefits to 3D systems without the added expenses.
Lightweight and Compact:
Maneuverable design for enhanced flexibility in endoscopic procedures.

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