Published On: April 22, 2024Categories: News

UnivLabs proudly unveils its new R&D facility in the Eurasanté Park, Lille-Metropole, France, marking a significant stride in its mission to forge global research partnerships. Registered at the R&D Commercial Tribunal of Lille-Metropole, this facility is dedicated to enhancing UnivLabs’ research and development footprint, connecting with top-tier scientific talents worldwide.

The establishment of this office underscores UnivLabs’ dedication to pioneering innovative medical technologies and elevating healthcare standards globally. The Lille-Metropole office is set to be a vital player in our international R&D efforts, ensuring UnivLabs stays at the cutting edge of medical advancements.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Founder and CEO Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh highlighted his commitment to integrating UnivLabs deeply within the global R&D community. “This expansion not only strengthens our ability to innovate but also aligns us closer with international research networks, enhancing our contributions to global healthcare solutions,” said Singh.

This initiative is a pivotal part of UnivLabs’ ongoing effort to emerge as a world leader in the realm of medical technology research and development.

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