A New Era of Catheterization Excellence with Am-SafeX

Urethra Safe Catheter

UnivLabs introduces Am-SafeX, the Urethra Safe Catheter, revolutionizing Foley catheter design to prevent iatrogenic urethral injuries. With innovative markers for safe bulb inflation, Am-SafeX enhances patient safety and minimizes complications, setting a new standard in catheterization.

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Urethra Safe Catheter (Am-SafeX): Pioneering Safety in Foley Catheter Design

A new era of catheterization excellence with Am-SafeX

In the realm of catheterization, where the design of Foley catheters has remained largely unchanged for the past 80 years, UnivLabs introduces a revolutionary solution—Am-SafeX, the Urethra Safe Catheter. This cutting-edge catheter is meticulously designed to address a longstanding issue in catheterization procedures—the inadvertent inflation of the bulb in the urethra instead of the bladder, leading to iatrogenic urethral injury.

Key Features
  • Innovative Design for Safety:

Am-SafeX marks a paradigm shift in Foley catheter design, prioritizing patient safety above all. The innovative design incorporates markers that guide healthcare professionals on the precise timing for bulb inflation, mitigating the risk of urethral injury significantly.

  • Preventing Iatrogenic Urethral Injury:

The primary goal of Am-SafeX is to prevent iatrogenic urethral injuries, a persistent issue in catheterization procedures. By providing clear markers for the optimal time to inflate bulbs, the catheter eliminates the risk associated with inadvertent inflation in the urethra, enhancing patient safety.

  • Realizing Zero Complications:

Striving for perfection in medical procedures, Am-SafeX sets a benchmark by aiming for zero complications. The catheter’s design is a testament to the commitment to patient well-being, reducing the likelihood of complications during catheterization to the bare minimum.

  • Data-Driven Innovation:

The development of Am-SafeX is informed by real-life data, acknowledging the potential severity of complications arising from inadvertent inflation. The catheter stands as a proactive solution based on the understanding that even a small percentage of complications is unacceptable in the pursuit of optimal patient care.

  • Enhancing Healthcare Professional Confidence:

Am-SafeX empowers healthcare professionals with a catheter designed for precision and safety. The inclusion of markers ensures that inflation occurs at the right time, instilling confidence in the catheterization process and minimizing the chances of adverse events.

Addressing a Long-Standing Challenge

The persistence of urethral injuries in catheterization procedures necessitated a transformative solution. Am-SafeX rises to the challenge, offering a catheter that aligns with modern healthcare standards, prioritizing patient safety and contributing to a paradigm shift in catheter design.

With Am-SafeX, UnivLabs redefines the catheterization experience, transforming a routine procedure into one characterized by safety, precision, and a commitment to zero complications.

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