Collaborative Surgical Module (CSM)

UnivLabs introduces the Collaborative Surgical Module (CSM), a groundbreaking platform that transcends geographical barriers, enabling local and remote surgeons to collaboratively perform surgeries with unprecedented levels of precision and real-time mentorship. CSM not only facilitates live video conferencing during surgeries but also serves as a comprehensive learning platform, cloud-based storage solution, and a valuable data source for AI advancements in the medical field.

Key Features and Benefits

Live Collaboration and Mentoring

CSM revolutionizes surgical collaboration by providing a two-way video conferencing platform. Surgeons, whether local or remote, can seamlessly communicate during surgeries, fostering mentorship opportunities and ensuring optimal decision-making in real-time.

Cloud/Server-Based Storage

The platform offers secure cloud or server-based storage for all surgical data, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the information. This feature not only facilitates easy access to past surgical recordings but also adheres to data privacy laws and regulations.

Learning Platform for Aspiring Surgeons

CSM extends beyond surgery, serving as a dedicated learning platform for aspiring surgeons. With the ability to review and learn from live surgeries, medical professionals can enhance their skills, contributing to a continuous improvement cycle in surgical practices.

Data for AI Advancements

The wealth of surgical data generated during CSM sessions becomes a valuable resource for advancing artificial intelligence in the medical field. The platform contributes to the development of AI algorithms, improving diagnostic and surgical capabilities over time.

Meeting & Recording with CSM

  • Video Conferencing:
    Enables two-way video communication between local and remote surgeons.
  • Streaming Video from Laparoscopy Tower:
    Displays live video streaming from the laparoscopy tower, providing real-time visual information.
  • Whiteboard:
    Allows surgeons to take snapshots of laparoscopy video and annotate on a whiteboard for collaborative discussions and learning.

Secure, Private Storage

CSM prioritizes the security and privacy of surgical data. Whether stored on-premises or in the cloud, the platform ensures compliance with data privacy laws and individual data-sharing agreements, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality and protection of sensitive medical information.

CSM defines a new era in surgical collaboration, where distance is no longer a limitation. It empowers surgeons with real-time communication, facilitates continuous learning, and contributes to the evolution of AI in healthcare.