Collaborative Surgical Module (CSM)

Collaborative Surgical Module (CSM) enables local surgeons to collaborate with remote surgeons and perform effective surgery. Surgeons would be able to have a two way video conferencing along with video of laparoscopy tower. They can also take a snapshot of laparoscopy video and annotate on a whiteboard. A browser recording of the entire CSM meeting can be locally done by the host. This user manual details the steps to be followed. There are three roles in CSM.
● Super admin - UnivLabs team who can onboard new hospitals, configure encoders on tower and enter the configuration details in CSM. They also create admin for the hospital.
● Admin - Hospital admin overseeing the use of CSM. They can create users of CSM.
● User - Hospital surgeon / other support personnel who will set up a CSM session for a surgery.


• Live collaboration during surgery and mentoring

• Cloud / Server based storage

• Learning platform for aspiring surgeons

• Data for AI

Meeting & Recording with CSM

CSM meeting screen has three components.
1. Video conferencing : This is the top left component in the screen. Local surgeon can have video communication with remote surgeon using this component.
2. Streaming video from laparoscopy tower: Below the video conferencing screen, streaming video from laparoscopy tower is shown. Surgeons can see the live video from laparoscopy tower being streamed live here.
3. Whiteboard : Surgeons can click on snapshot to take a snapshot and annotate over it in the whiteboard which forms the right half of the screen. There are two buttons - “Snapshot” and “Start Record”. Start Record button is only shown for the meeting host. When the meeting host is using chrome web browser, they can record the entire browser screen or window. Once the session is over, clicking “Stop record” button provides a local link to download this recording. Snapshot button is shown for host and also for remote surgeon if “enable snapshot for others” option was enabled while setting up the meeting. Clicking on snapshot button, creates a new whiteboard with snapshot image. Surgeons can annotate over the image on whiteboard using the pen, text and other button options available in whiteboard.


Secure, private storage

Whether your storage solution is an on-premise server or in the cloud, CSM ensures all video media and case information are protected in compliance with all applicable data privacy laws and regulations, in addition to individual data-sharing agreements.