Urethra Safe Catheter


The design of a Foley catheter has not changed in the last 80 years. Urethral injury due to inadvertent inflation of the Bulb in the urethra instead of in the bladder is still an issue to be solved, which gives an additional disease to the patient.

As per data, 3-5 male patients out of 1000 catheterizations in the hospitals may suffer this fate. Real-life data may be more alarming.

Every procedure should aim for zero percent of complications.
Am-SafeX is a newly designed Foley Catheter that will provide healthcare professionals with markers for the right time to inflate bulbs, eliminating the risk of urethral injury caused by inadvertent inflation of the bulb in the urethra.

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amSmartX Urowear: Restores Dignity

amSmartX Urowear is a smart broad-based urine collecting device. It does not hang from the body as the currently available pouch world over rather is an ergonomic bag and is worn like an underwear.

Like an underwear it remains invisible in clothing thus brings back the sense of comfort and dignity for the patient, enhances mobility and brings back social acceptance.

Urowear is equipped with sensor technology to detect urine levels and rate of flow which can be accessed using the mobile based App. App provides the analysis of daily and weekly track record of urine flow for better health monitoring as well as communicating the time to empty the pouch. It is also equipped with travel mode which informs users in advance the time to fill so that users can empty the bag proactively for a comfortable journey.