amSmartX Urowear

amSmartX Urowear

amSmartX Urowear: Elevating Comfort, Dignity, and Health Monitoring

A new era of urine collection with amSmartX Urowear

Introducing amSmartX Urowear, a revolutionary and dignified solution in the realm of urine collection devices. Unlike conventional pouches that hang from the body, amSmartX Urowear is a smart, broad-based urine collecting device designed as an ergonomic bag worn like underwear. This innovative approach not only prioritizes comfort but also restores a sense of dignity for the wearer, enhancing mobility and fostering social acceptance.

Key Features and Benefits :

Ergonomic Design for Comfort:
amSmartX Urowear stands out with its ergonomic bag design that is worn like underwear. This not only eliminates the discomfort associated with hanging pouches but also ensures that the device remains invisible under clothing, offering wearers a renewed sense of comfort and normalcy.

Restoration of Dignity:
Traditional urine collecting pouches can compromise a patient’s sense of dignity. Urowear addresses this concern by redefining the experience. The discreet and underwear-like design allows users to navigate daily life with confidence, restoring a crucial element of dignity to the patient’s journey.

Enhanced Mobility:
The wearable nature of amSmartX Urowear contributes to enhanced mobility. Patients can move freely without the encumbrance of hanging pouches, fostering a more active and engaged lifestyle.

Social Acceptance:
Urowear not only prioritizes physical comfort but also aims to eliminate the social stigma associated with visible urine collection devices. Its subtle and invisible design allows wearers to feel more socially accepted, promoting a positive and inclusive environment.

Sensor Technology for Health Monitoring:
Equipped with advanced sensor technology, Urowear detects urine levels and flow rates. Users can access this information through a mobile-based app, providing a comprehensive analysis of daily and weekly urine flow records. This data becomes invaluable for health monitoring and enhancing the user’s understanding of their urinary patterns.

Smart Travel Mode:
Urowear goes a step further by introducing a travel mode. This feature informs users in advance about the optimal time to empty the pouch, allowing for proactive management and ensuring a comfortable journey.

Advancing Patient-Centric Care :

amSmartX Urowear redefines the landscape of urine collection devices by placing patient comfort, dignity, and health monitoring at the forefront. This innovative solution transcends traditional boundaries, contributing to a more patient-centric and inclusive approach to healthcare.

With amSmartX Urowear, UnivLabs not only introduces a device but a transformative experience that empowers users to live life with dignity, confidence, and improved health awareness.