What We Do

As a health technology company, we provide solutions to tackle health issues with care and empathy. Our goal is to create solutions that bring comfort and support to those facing complex conditions, making meaningful improvements to their well-being and quality of life.


Operating Room Equipment’s

Cutting-edge operating room equipment for optimal efficiency and patient care

Urology Fluid Management

Urology Fluid Management

Transforming Lives with Innovative Fluid Management Devices in Urology

Software & AI modules

Software & AI modules

Experience surgical AI, interactive education, and video management with UnivLabs CSM

Value Proposition

More value for money & up to 50% cost affordable

Market Acceptance

Present in more than 2000 hospitals in India and overseas


Patents applied: 11
Patents Granted: 2

Customer Span

India and 5 more countries in Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia

Welcome to SuFI – Surgeons for Innovation


At Univlabs, we believe that the future of healthcare innovation is collaborative. SuFI is our commitment to transforming surgical practices by bringing together the brightest minds in surgery to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

Have a Groundbreaking Idea? Let’s Make It Happen Together!

  • Submit Your Idea: Share your idea with us.
  • Collaboration: We listen to your ideas, we refine them.

  • Development: We bring ideas to life.

  • Commercialization: We commercialize your innovation.

  • Revenue Sharing: Earn a 5% share.

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