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UL-4K ClearView: Redefining Surgical Visualization with Unprecedented Detail

The future of endoscopic imaging with UL-4K ClearView.

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, UnivLabs introduces the UL-4K ClearView, a state-of-the-art ultra high-definition camera system for endoscopy. Leveraging advanced 1 Chip CMOS technology and premium optics, this revolutionary system sets a new standard in capturing detailed, sharp, and lifelike images of the surgical field.

Key Features :

Ultra High Definition Clarity:
The UL-4K ClearView goes beyond conventional imaging, offering an astounding four times higher resolution compared to HD cameras. The result is a level of clarity that brings surgical details to life, providing surgeons with unprecedented visual precision.

Advanced CMOS Technology:
Powered by advanced 1 Chip CMOS technology, this camera system ensures superior image quality and color accuracy. Every surgical detail is meticulously captured, allowing for enhanced diagnostics and decision-making during procedures.

Nine Preset Surgical Specialty Settings:
Streamlining the configuration process, the UL-4K ClearView comes equipped with nine preset surgical specialty settings. This feature enables quick adaptation to various surgical scenarios, saving valuable time and ensuring optimal image settings.

Lightweight and Compact Design:
Weighing just 6.2 kg, with a camera head of 170g, the UL-4K ClearView is designed for optimal maneuverability and comfort. The compact dimensions (380125360) make it suitable for various endoscopic procedures, ensuring flexibility in its application.

Benefits at a Glance :

  • Unprecedented Visual Precision:
    Four times higher resolution for detailed surgical imaging.
  • Adaptive Configuration:
    Nine preset surgical specialty settings for quick and efficient adaptation.
  • Lightweight and Compact:
    Maneuverable design for enhanced flexibility in endoscopic procedures.

The UL-4K ClearView from UnivLabs is not just a camera system; it’s a leap forward in surgical visualization, providing clinicians with the tools they need for precision, efficiency, and enhanced patient outcomes.