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Replacement Policy

Following is the draft replacement policy of UnivLabs.
1. A manufacturing defect is defined as a defect that makes UnivLabs products inoperable. Some of the examples of manufacturing defects includes, but not limited to, are:
a. Unit failing to turn itself ON after the application of power.
b. Broken screens on delivery.
c. Missing accessories mentioned in the invoice.
d. Etc.

2. UnivLabs guarantees its products against manufacturing defects for a period of 18 months from the date of receipt of goods by the customer.

3. The customer should inform us within fifteen (15) number of days about the manufacturing defect or missing items in the shipment. No claim will be entertained after the expiry of manufacturing defect guarantee period.

4. While making the manufacturing defect claim, the customer should provide the proof of purchase and/or invoice details to enable UnivLabs determine the expiry date of manufacturing defect guarantee period. This is important as user can buy the products from distributors making the start of guarantee period way different from UnivLabs shipping records.

5. While making the manufacturing defect claim, the customer should also provide the Invoice No /AWB (Airway Bill Number) to enable UnivLabs the actual date of receipt of goods.

6. The invoice details will determine the list of items shipped to the customer.

7. The user is not expected to investigate whether the observed problem is manufacturing defect or not. In case of doubt, the user should contact UnivLabs within fifteen (15) number of days to ascertain about manufacturing defect. UnivLabs will investigate the problem and provide a resolution to the customer within fifteen (15) days.

8. The manufacturing defect guarantee is shorter than our warranty period as manufacturing defects should be discoverable almost immediately.

9. The manufacturing defects will not cover problems like:
a. Damaged packing/shipping boxes.
b. Users color preferences for the product.
c. Inability of the user to operate the equipment properly.
d. Items not mentioned in invoice but expected by user.
e. Usage of unapproved consumables or accessories.
f. Malfunctions resulting from faulty third-party accessories.
g. Damage to the unit resulting from malfunctioning power supplies, CVTs etc.

10. The manufacturing defects guarantee does not warrant against force majeour events for example an act of God or natural disasters, war or war-like situations, labour unrest or strikes, epidemics, pandemics, etc.

11. In case of any dispute regarding the manufacturing defects, they are to be referred for arbitration in Gurugram, Haryana , India.

12. Under any case, the maximum liability of UnivLabs is the replacement of equipment of equal or better specifications, or its sale price.