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Wearable Insulin Patch Pump – 2ml and 3ml :

If you have diabetes—and your body requires insulin, here is world’s smallest wearable Insulin infusion Pump “GlucoEasy” which uses UnivLabs patented syringe “UL-SYR”. GlucoEasy is combination of Pre-filled cartridges of insulin and reusable electronics.

There is no need to fill cartridges by hand, at the same time it is easy on environment and your budget with reusable electronics.

With GlucoEasy while you mange diabetes it gives you more freedom, comfort and convivence to live life to fullest.

Injectiva-E :

Self-Pharma Infusion Pump for Kids with Music and Cartoon. Designed for self-Vaccination, Vitamins or other subcutaneous injections.


Non-electronic Self Pharma Infusion Pump. Designed for Vaccine Delivery, Vitamins or other subcutaneous injections.