Caring for the growing needs of our society.

UnivLabs together with our customers is driven to make healthcare accessible to all. We believe that cutting-edge medical equipment must be available to all health care provider regardless of their clinic size or geographic disadvantages and should be simple and easy to use with minimum processing time and maintenance. With our unique technology, all of this has come true and a range of medical devices have been developed.

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UL-UHD ClearView, World's First Connected Endoscope Suite

Compact, Connected & Economical

Touch Screen Control Panel

Life Time Warranty

No Risk Ownership, Fastest & Free Service

Faster Mobility

Easy Sterilisation, Faster Turnaround

Easy on Care Givers

Budget is no more a constraint for you to run world class OT

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UnivLabs insufflator comes with industry leading safety, performance and patent pending technology. This device comes in four different versions to suit individual needs and an interactive capacitive touchscreen. This saves time, improves control and provides excellent support for the surgeon's work.

UnivLabs insufflators offer surgeons incredible flow capacity of up to 60 l/min and unmatched safety. UnivLabs insufflators offer surgeons choice of selection between 30l/min, 45l/min and 60 l/min in single and dual cylinder mode.

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HD- Camera Console

The camera allows the operating surgeon to make optimal use of the benefits offered by 4K technology.

The system is sensitive in the visible and infrared spectrum and uses premium optics to provide the best image quality with high image brightness and greater richness of detail.

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Surgeons and Operating Room Staff face several serious health challenges from smoke generated while cutting and sealing tissues in addition to waste CO2 that gets released into air while changing instrument or at the end of procedure.

Biologic material is a known component of surgical smoke. Surgical smoke contains Hydrocarbons, nitriles, fatty acids, phenols, carcinogens, mutagens, malignant cells, live bacteria and viruses. The aerodynamic size of HIV viruses has been reported as 0.12 μm1; HPV as 0.055 μm2; and Hepatitis C as 0.06 μm3 in diameter.

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Self test is automatically performed on power at 100mmHg, 200mmHg, 300mmHg, 400mmHg.

Best in class Piezo Pressure Sensor, Dedicated Priming Control, Fluid flow rate management, Fast and accurate pressure control.

Large numerical and symbolic display of intra-cavity pressure, Disposable tubing in D EHP-free material, Non-Disposable sterilizable connectors and tubing.

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UMP-1000 is an interdisciplinary pump for the administration or suction of fluids during surgical and diagnostic procedures. It is known with various names in industry as Irrigation & Suction pump, Laparoscopy Pump, Hysteroscopy Pump, Saline Pump etc.

UnivLabs UMP is a versatile device which is suitable for multiple speciality including gynaecology, urology and laparoscopy procedures.


The compact high-performance fibre optic light source features high luminance and quiet operation. The device is energy efficient, noiseless and does not require lamp changes since the LED module has a life up to 50000 hours.

UL 9000s features a sleek capacitive touch interface for effortless and quick intensity control. It uses CPC technology ensuring white light for longer period.

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